Thursday, July 5, 2018

Germany - Day 10 (June 25th)

Today we had fun at Kai and Nora's house. We jumped on the trampoline, ate in the tree house, rode their tractors and bikes, went to the playground near their house, and spent the night!
Posing for a picture with the cows.

We loved walking on this wall that surrounds the church.

Fun on the trampoline with Oma!

Hahaha! Hayden and Nora both have a
"mean look".
Eating lunch in the tree house.

I was finally brave and held one of the bunnies.

Kai's other Oma made homemade waffles.

They were delicious!!
Hayden loved riding on Kai's tractor.

I got to ride on Nora's bike.

Having fun on the playground.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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