Sunday, April 29, 2018

Busy Weekend and Update Time

Oops! We seem to have gotten behind on the blog again. Here's an update from this weekend and other miscellaneous pictures....

On Friday, Mommy let me make Spaetzle noodles all by myself. The only thing that she did was put them in the boiling water. Hayden helped a little bit too.....
Adding the salt.

I cracked all of the eggs and there were no

That's a lot of noodles!

Yesterday we took our first trip to Carowinds. We have season passes again this year, so we are excited that we will get to whenever we want.
They added new rides this year!

This one was kind of like the whip at

Roller coaster time!

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from the past few weeks.....
We built our rocket ship from Sam and Tabitha!

We visited a lot of planets.


Here are some pictures from my field day...

That bean bag is filled with our stuffed animals.

Mommy bought these at Walmart to try and contain some of
our stuffed animals.
We went to a toy show. Hayden got a dog carrier
(which is perfect for him) and I got a Lego set.

Mommy made this Rice Krispies Treat cheesecake.

We gave it two thumbs up!

Phew! I think we are all updated!

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