Sunday, October 8, 2017

Kilwins Birthday Party

On Saturday I had a birthday party at Kilwins with some of my friends. We went to a birthday party there last year and I LOVED it. Everyone got to dip two pretzel rods and one marshmallow stick into chocolate and then decorate them with sprinkles. While we were waiting for the chocolate to cool down, we all got a bowl of delicious ice cream. I chose chocolate.....yum! We had a great time. Here are lots of pictures......
These are the party favors we made for
my friends.

The pumpkin is my finger prints.
Getting an apron and getting ready to
make my chocolate treats.

Ready to go.

Sooooo much fun!

Deciding what ice cream I wanted.

The gang. Hayden had to miss out on the party because he
ran a fever for a couple of days last week.

Hayden and I loved playing with all of the cool presents I got. We had fun making "Oonies"...
Hayden was on the mend and LOVED making
a Kitty Cat out of the Oonies.

I made fish.
Today we invited BeBe and Pappy over for dinner and cupcakes. Mommy had to keep with tradition and make a cupcake tower. This year I requested "Ice cream cupcakes" so Mommy found a recipe on Pinterest and made them. They were chocolate cake on the bottom and then there were 3 different choices of ice cream - mint chocolate chip, chocolate, and vanilla. They were delicious but you had to eat them quickly because they melted fast! That was not a problem. Hee!Hee!

I've had a bunch of birthday celebrations.
Hee! Hee!


I had two!!

Here is a collage of all of the past
cupcake towers.
It was such a fun and busy weekend! Stay tuned for more blogs to come. Oma and Opa are coming to visit this week and we are sooooooo excited!!

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