Sunday, October 15, 2017

Chinese Lantern Festival

Oma, Mommy, Hayden and I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens on Friday night. The lanterns are only on display until the end of October and it was soooooo cool to see. We went at 5:30 when it opened so that we could see the lanterns in the day time and stayed until 9:30 when the gardens closed. Some of the animals moved and made noise, we were able to see a Shadow Puppet show (and even got to go behind the screen afterwards to see how everything worked) and watched a really neat show on Martial Arts. Everyone was invited  onto the stage afterwards to try some Martial Arts. It was fun night and we took LOTS of pictures and a few videos. Enjoy.....
Ready to go in.

These were the first lanterns you saw as soon as you walked in.

These dolphins were lined up all along the
sides of the walkway.

Some of the butterflies moved.

We love this part of the garden.
Mommy only let us run through once because
it's not summertime.

We took this one for Daddy.

The African safari was so neat!

We got to make our own lanterns.

Taking a break to eat a snack.

We watched a Shadow Puppet Play.
After the show we got to try out some of
the shadow puppets.

Oma took a picture on the other side.
We walked through the orchid house while
it was dark.

The lanterns looked even cooler once it
got dark.

These elephants were made out of plates
and teacups.

Those are all dolphins in the background.

We watched a Martial Arts so and afterwards
everyone was invited up on the stage to learn.

I was a little unsure at first but Hayden was front and center!

More lanterns...

We went home way after Hayden's bedtime!
I'm so glad that we went to see the lanterns! What a fun experience!!!

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