Saturday, August 5, 2017

PA Vacation - Day 7

Today was a little less busy than the rest of the week. We went shopping in the morning with Oma and each got a new pair of shoes. We invited some family and friends over and I helped Oma prepare most of the food. I like being a hostess. It ended up being Paulette, Sam, and us. We had a nice evening. Here are some pictures.....
We finished off the ice cream cake.

Oh my! Hayden!
We have been busy painting rocks.
We just can't figure out how to rotate the image
on the blog.
Making mozzarella and tomato appetizers

Opa and his cousin Paulette
She brought us new books.

A picture with cousin Paulette.
I helped with most of this food.
We had a very nice evening. 

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