Thursday, August 3, 2017

PA Vacation - Day 5

Today was a busy day! We went to Kennywood for a day of fun! Mommy hasn't been there since she was a senior in high school (you can do the math.....Hee! Hee!). We loved the rides and had our own personal tour guide, Dani. My favorite ride was "The Kangaroo" and Hayden liked "The Turtles". We really enjoyed "Noah's Ark" and went on that twice. Get ready for LOTS of pictures and a few videos......
Riding the escalator in the parking lot.

Our tour guide, Dani, was ready to show
us everything.
 Our first ride was "The Kangaroo"....

Next we went to Kiddieland.

We rode a little roller coaster.

Oma took us on this fun ship.

Getting our picture taken with the kangaroo.

Ready to ride "The Turtles"

Contrary to their name.....they are FAST!

"The Whip" was also a lot of fun.

Mommy tried to capture Hayden's joy.

Dani, Oma, and I are up there somewhere!

We watched a Lego Short film in 4D!

Pluto had to try on the glasses too.

At one point of the movie the seat poked me!

We waited in line for a while for this ride!

Hayden had his co-pilot, Pluto.

We tried to high-five Mommy and Hayden.
Time for ice cream!

That ice cream was HUGE....

......and DELICIOUS!

Selfie on the Log Jammer
(before going down the hill and getting wet.)
This ride was fun..... took you up and then dropped you down.

Our second time in Noah's Ark.

Inside Noah's Ark

Waiting in line with friends isn't so bad!

The Turtles

We played one game....

....and all won fish.


Our first ride was the Kangaroo so it was our last ride too!

Treats for the road.

Until next time, Kennywood!

We ended the night with S'mores at Sam and Tabitha's

Hayden was not sharing his S'more.
It was another great day on our PA vacation!!

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