Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Update

We've realized that we haven't written a blog since our vacation. Here are our latest summer pictures and videos.....
This was at a gas station on our way home
from the beach.

This is what you do when you are in a car for
10+ hours and are super bored!!!

Pappy brought the cottage over to our house.
We had fun cleaning it.

I wrote prayers for everyone for dinner one night.
This one is mine. Unfortunately we can't
figure out how to rotate the picture.
Sidney was really sick while we were gone.
We gave her lots of snuggles when we got back.

Our backyard setup. It's nice and shady with all of the trees.

Hayden playing Hide and Go Seek.

We went to a new place that sells
cookie dough to eat!

It was delicious!

We had a Girl's Day and Aubrey and I got
to ride the train by ourselves.

We ate at Bonefish Grille. Yum!

We had fun playing outside.

We caught lightning bugs

Aubrey and I enjoyed the hammock.

BeBe brought over a delicious strawberry
cake that she made.

We enjoyed Blizzards for dessert one day!

Hayden had to get every last drop!!
He still loves his Pluto!

I liked hanging on the edge of the pool like this.

Sooooo......we had a little mishap with
Hayden's car.

Mommy ended up having to cut my hair to
get it untangled. Oops!
Stay tuned for more summer shenanigans! 

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