Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rehoboth - Last Day!

We had a busy and fun last day on our vacation. We headed to Rehoboth Beach this morning, stopped on the boardwalk for one last time at the arcade, explored a playground in Lewes, and ate dinner at the Lewes Diner. Here are pictures from our last day of vacation. One more special shout out to Dr. and Mrs. Pilz for sharing their beautiful beach house with us. We loved our "Cousin Vacation".
Pluto and Hayden got buried in the sand.

Last beach day.
Thanks for our beach shirts, Oma and Opa!

Pluto was allowed in the ocean today.

We had fun on the Boogie Boards today.

Mommy took some videos....

Hayden and his "yoga" pose. Hahaha

Just digging in the sand.

Hayden got to play his car game one last time.
An old ship in Lewes.

Walking along the canal. We saw lots of little crabs!

Panoramic view

Uncle Dave found this fun playground right next to the canal.

Family photo!

Hayden was "soooo tired" that Mommy
decided to just carry him on her shoulders.

Ummmm.....Hayden got some syrup in his
hair at dinner time. He had a Mickey Mouse
pancake for dinner at the diner.
When we got back to the house, Uncle Dave and Daddy decided to take just the girls to the board walk one last time. I was soooo happy and got to play ski ball again.

What a fun vacation!!

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