Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rehoboth - Day 5

This morning we ventured out to find sunglasses for Daddy because he lost his in the ocean the other day. We didn't find any sunglasses but I did get to experience my first Build a Bear at the outlet.....
Ayla went first to show me what to do.

Picking out a heart.

Putting the heart in.

Daddy helped me dress my dog.

I picked out a Super Man costume for him.
Ayla picked out a Buzz Light Year costume
because she has one at home and they can match.
Ayla and Mallory had fun painting their nails.....Thanks Aunt Kathie!! The Daddies went to a baseball game with Uncle Dan so we had a fun evening at the house. Aunt Mica had the great idea to walk to Outback for dinner and then we made S'mores dip.....
Waiting for the nail polish to dry.
Manicure and pedicure.

Ayla and Mallory at dinner.

Mm! Mm! I liked the Outback bread.

The whole crew walking back to the house.
World's Greatest Brother shirts....
That's up for debate daily with me. Hahaha!

Ayla insisted on wearing her Pirates shirt
because Daddy was at the game.

Daddy, Uncle Dan, and Uncle Dave at the game.
Making S'mores dip.

It's ready to put in the oven.


I was the first taste tester.

Logan preferred just the cracker.

Mallory loved it!

It got a little messy but it was so delicious!
It was another great day at the beach!

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