Monday, July 3, 2017

Rehoboth - Day 3

This morning we went exploring. We drove to Surfside Bagel to grab some breakfast and then headed into the town of Lewes. Mommy and Daddy honeymooned there but it was so busy because of the holiday weekend. We decided to drive to Milton to check out the Dogfish Head Brewery. Don't worry....Ayla and I have a few more years until we can sample the drinks there. It was a very nice day though and we enjoyed playing outside of the brewery. We came back to the house to rest for a bit and then headed to the boardwalk with the whole crew. We ate dinner at The Greene Turtle, played some games in the arcade, and enjoyed some ice cream. Here are lots of pictures from today......

They had this really cool tree house....too bad you aren't
allowed to play in it.

Family selfie!

A really nice worker offered to take this picture of us.

She took an off centered one too (because they are known for
their off center ales)

Playing with the beach ball and being silly
(like always)

A rare cousin photo captured (we all actually requested to get
our picture taken so Mommy RAN and got her phone)

I gave Pluto to Daddy so that he could drive us to the
boardwalk. Hahaha

Dinner at The Greene Turtle

We had an ocean view.

Being my goofy self.

Daddy took Mommy's phone and took
this picture of me.

Here is a video of me at the arcade....
I absolutely loved this racing game and kept
telling Mommy that I "need" more money.

I won the jackpot on this game!
Ayla was really good at a game called
Sink It.

We won hackey sacks at the arcade

We used our ice cream money from Oma
and Opa to buy snow cones.

Mm! Mm! Thank you!

Ice cream selfie!
Pretty view!

A second cousin picture in one day! It's a miracle. Hee! Hee!

Another fun day on vacation. We are loving our cousin time. Thank you to Dr. and Mrs. Pilz for sharing their beautiful beach house with us. Stay tuned for lots more fun.....

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