Saturday, July 1, 2017

Quick Trip to Pennsylvania

We took a quick trip to Pennsylvania on Thursday and Friday. Mommy and Daddy went to Nana's Memorial Service and Hayden and I stayed at Oma and Opa's while they were gone. It was a short visit but Mommy took a lot of pictures. Today we headed to Rehoboth Beach and are spending the week here with Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, Mallory and Logan. Mommy brought her computer so stay tuned for lots of beach blogs! Here are the pictures from our stay at Oma and Opa's.......
Excited and ready to go!

Waiting for pizza with Oma.

Mm! Mm! Pizza!

Ice cream for dessert!

We helped Oma pick green beans.

Hayden tried on Sam's motorcycle helmet.

Lunch time! Green beans from the garden
and homemade spaetzle noodles.

Being silly!
Selfie before heading on our picnic at the park.

It was hot! Can you tell?
We went to Eat'n Park for dinner

I had a delicious fruit cup!

These are out flowers from Spring Break that
we planted at the farm. It's a good thing Oma
took care of them because Mommy's would
not look like this. Hahahaha!

It was a short but very nice visit.

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