Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fun with Friends and LOTS of Summer Pictures

We have been keeping busy. We had a play date with Amelia and Maddy last week and went over to Nina's house the other day to play. In between, we have been enjoying the pool, going to the movies, going to the White Water Center, trying out bowling for the first time, and hanging out at home. Here are the latest pictures (sorry to bombard you!).....
Hayden sure does love edible paper!

Hanging out with Amelia and Maddy.

We had cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
Can you tell? Hahaha

Snuggling on the couch and watching Aladdin.

We washed rocks. The latest trend is to paint them and then
hide them for other people to find.

Mommy painted these three rocks.
We went to to the movies. Daddy and I saw Despicable Me 3
and Mommy and Hayden saw Cars 3.

Pluto continues to go everywhere.....

....including the doctor's office for Hayden's
3 year check up (Mommy was only about 7
months behind on that one! Oops!)
Height - 3' 3.7" 59%
Weight - 32 lbs. 3.2 oz. 33%
Head circumference - 50 cm 53%

The sky before a storm that we had.
We enjoyed some frozen yogurt at TCBY.

Enjoying the rock climbing wall at the
White Water Center despite the heat.

Bowling time! Mommy signed us up for
free bowling in the summer time.

They were nice enough to let Hayden use
this super cool dinosaur to help him bowl.

I won the first game!!

Pluto wanted to bowl too.

Bowling shoes!
Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a date night and we spent the
night at BeBe and Pappy's.

We made this fun dessert to take over to Nina's house.

We froze 20 plastic animals in a big ice
cube and had to try to get them out.

It was a lot of work!

We took breaks in between and played in the

We finally decided to take the ice cube into the pool.
(We can't figure out how to flip the picture)

It melted MUCH faster!!

Dessert time.

It was delicious!

Hayden sure does love his Pluto.
Stay tuned for lots more pictures. We are heading to Maryland on Friday for Mallory's 7th birthday party and then going to Oma and Opa's for a week! We sure are keeping busy!

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