Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mommy/Hayden Day

Today Mommy and I had a "Date Day". She decided it was time for me to get a haircut and since the movie theater offers dollar movies during the summer, she decided to test out the waters and see if I  would sit still and watch a movie. We watched 'Kung Foo Panda 3" and I loved it! Mommy bought be popcorn and a drink. Afterwards we went to get my haircut. It was super busy so we went to Starbucks where Mommy bought me a pirate cake pop. Yum! We concluded the day with a swim with Ayla at the pool. Here are some pictures and a video.......
At the movie theater.

My pirate cake pop.

Mmm! This thing is pretty good!

Getting my hair cut. It tickled!

My "after" picture.

Before and after.

Phew! What a morning. I was too tired to
even finish my lollipop that I got from the lady
who cut my hair.

We love the pool and have gone almost every day! I got brave yesterday and started jumping in with Ayla. Stay tuned for lots more summer blogs!

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