Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Last Day of School

Friday was my last day of Kindergarten. I can't believe that the school year is over! I had an amazing year and learned so much. I loved my teacher so much and made some great friends.
My "Last Day of School" picture.

First Day/Last Day of School

Lunch with my best buddies one last time.

We had an awards ceremony for my end of year party. Mommy was able to have someone watch her students so that she could come. I got the "Wise Owl" award.

I also had my last Daisy Troop meeting of the year last week. We made "S'mores" cookies.
We had a bridging ceremony for the girls
who will be Brownies next year.

Making S'mores cookies

I also had field day the last week of school......

I loved the rock climbing wall!

Mama was able to sneak away from her class
a few times.

We were having some issues with the blogger app not letting us upload pictures so we got a bit behind again on the blog. Here are the latest pictures and we promise to do a better job at keeping the blog up to date. It's officially summer break and I'm sure we will be very busy and will be taking lots of pictures.....
Hayden loved the hammock!!

We have been at the pool a lot!!

Mama tried to get a picture of my freckles.

Hayden wanted his picture taken too.

That's Hayden just swimming in the middle
of the pool by himself...with his floatie of course.
Pluto has made an appearance at the pool
every day!

Freckle face!

Mommy got this pineapple cup from her
students as an end of year gift.

We both love the pineapple cup!

Check out this cool beanbag at our local

Phew! That's a lot of pictures but hopefully we are all up to date now!!

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