Friday, June 23, 2017

Fun with Friends

We always enjoy hanging out with our buddies Aubrey and Maddox and their Mommy and Daddy. Yesterday we went to their house to play, swim, and have dinner. Of course Mommy loves to take lots of pictures and videos, so here they are......
We are ready to go swimming.

I jumped right in and went for it!

Looking goofy with our goggles! Hee! Hee!

My and my Mommy!

This alligator floatie was awesome!!

Mommy and Ayla.


Mommy tried out the alligator floatie too!
Lookin' good with Mommy's sunglasses.

Reading with my buddy!

Dinner time.

The girls learned how to make friendship

Mommy told me to smile and this is what I
did. Oh boy!


I decided to go into Maddox's room and
"read" all by myself.

Here are also some pictures of me showing off how flexible I am....

Maybe I have a career as a future yoga instructor or a contortionist??!!??

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