Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mamas out there. We had a nice relaxing day that started with breakfast at home. Mommy got to go shopping by herself and then we ended the day at BeBe and Pappy's for dinner. It was so nice that we even got to swim in their pool.
Matching Mother's Day outfits #1 - The blue theme.
Mother's Day selfie
Matching Mother's Day outfits #2 - Black and white.

I lost another tooth!!!
Hayden swimming.
"Sleeping" in the hammock.
We have almost a month's worth of pictures to catch up on. Sorry about the delay but Mommy had to go to Jury Duty and was picked to sit on a jury!!! The trial lasted for three weeks so she was pretty busy and didn't get home until much later than normal. Here are the latest pictures....
We got the same hammock as BeBe and Pappy and we love it!
We have been enjoying fires in our fire pit.
Mmm! Chocolate gobs!

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We got some unexpected cousin time!
Daddy set up the TV so that we could watch a movie outside.
We watched Zootopia.
We love BeBe and Pappy's pool.
My Daisy Troop went to Meg Art to paint pottery.
I painted a dog.
Cheers to Mommy and Daddy!
Hayden photo bomb!
Fun with bubbles in the tub.
 Hopefully we won't have such a long time between blogs again. School is almost over and then we will have lots of summer adventures.

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