Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spartan Race #5!

Today I completed my fifth Kid Spartan Race! We drove up early with Daddy and Pappy today and set up chairs at the finish line. It was chilly in the morning but ended up being a really nice day. I had lots of fun this time and didn't even let the mud bother me. Here are lots and lots of pictures....
Pappy took this picture of me on the way to the Spartan Race.
All bundled up because it was COLD!

Practicing my "Spartan Face"

Daddy and I always get our picture taken by the wall.
Pappy and me.

Waiting for Daddy and Pappy to finish.

Daddy jumping over the fire at the finish line!
Daddy and Pappy finished! I don't have my medal yet.
Mommy and me.
I am getting really good and getting over the walls!

I had to crawl through that tunnel.


Do you see me running back there?
I did the water all by myself.

Braving the mud!
Daddy was always there to help me if I needed it.

Medal #5!
3 Generations.
My name on the wall.


Here are also a few short videos....

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