Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oma and Opa's - Day 5

Today was family day! The day started off with a yummy breakfast and then we had an Easter Egg hunt outside! Oma, Mama, Hayden, and I went to Phipps to see the pretty flowers. Aunt Donna came over for dinner and Tabitha and Logan came to say goodbye.
We had some surprises from the Easter Bunny!

Searching for eggs.
So excited!!!
Hayden found a chocolate bunny!

We took a picture here last year too. We missed Kai and Nora
this year!
Checking out what's inside of the eggs.

The beautiful tulips in front of Phipps.

Hayden really has to work on his smile! Ha!

Don't worry, Pluto hasn't been replaced. He got this lamb in his
Easter basket and was really excited about it.
How cool is that big squirrel?
The orchid room.

Visiting the 3 bears.
We took this picture for Simone! Smooch!

Making a wish.

Oh Hayden! He wanted to sit instead of stand.
That is one big plant!
"When a red cardinal appears in your yard, it's a visitor from Heaven."
Not our yard and not even a real cardinal but it was neat because
there were so many! We immediately thought of Opa Richard.

Another tree with a red cardinal. 

Hayden decided to plop down and take a rest.

These are toys from when Mommy and Aunt Michelle
were little girls!
Spaetzle round 2!
Some attempts at taking a picture with Oma and Opa.
Hayden was not cooperating.
Selfie attempt!
Self timer attempt.
Completing a word search with Aunt Donna.
Thanks for the cool painting crafts!


We tried to recreate that picture with Logan. It did not go
over so well.

Oma and me.
A picture with Logan.
We came home on Friday. We made cinnamon rolls and had breakfast with Opa before we left.

Almost home. Changing the movie one last time.
Trying out the new chairs from Oma and Opa. They are
technically Mommy and Daddy's chairs. We shall see. Ha!

 We had a wonderful Spring Break and enjoyed seeing all of our family and friends. We will come back in the summer and do it all again!
Love and miss you all!!!

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