Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Oma and Opa's - Day 3

Today was a busy day. I went to get a haircut with Opa and then we went to Simmons Farms for some fun Easter activities. We got to paint a flower pot and plant a flower, search for eggs and get prizes, and make an Easter Bunny bird house out of a gourd. Mommy took lots of pictures and a few videos too.
We enjoyed breakfast before my hair cut.

I ate sausage with curry ketchup. I haven't had that in a long time
because I ate all of ours! 
The "before" picture.
Getting my hair cut.
It tickled!
A picture with Opa.
My "after" picture.
Before and after comparison picture.
Heading to the farm.
Painting our flower pots.

It took a lot of concentration.

Checking out the ducklings and the chicks.
They were going down this little water slide.
Ayla making her bunny bird house.

Showing off my bunny.
My bunny bird house.

All done!

Searching for eggs in the orchard.
Found one!

We had to match the numbers on the eggs to the number on the bin.
We each got 12 eggs which meant 12 prizes!
We had fun with these duck races!
Oma even joined in on the fun!
This was before I almost fell into the bucket while trying to
grab some ducks. Mama literally had to pull me out.
Trying two at a time!
This corn pit was a lot of fun too!

We had to wait for our flower pots to dry and then we were
able to plant flowers.

Happy Easter!

 Here are some videos from the farm.....

We stopped at McDonald's for lunch
Oma made waffles and I got to drink my milk out of a fancy cup!
Toni and Dani came over.
Ayla and her fancy cup.
Shhh! We are "sleeping" in the tent.
 What a fun and busy day!!!

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