Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Oma and Opa's - Day 2

Here are pictures from day 2. Oma had to work during the day so we just  hung out and played with some old puzzles.....Mickey Mouse and the Berenstein Bears! Tara came over with Reagan, Logan, and Noah and Hayden was pretty excited to snuggle a baby. As soon as Tara came over he said "What baby I get?" I also go to hold baby Noah.
Hayden working hard on his puzzle.
All done!
Enjoying lunch outside.We had perfect weather.

Hayden loved playing in the dirt at the end of the driveway.
I made myself a "new tooth" with a club cracker. Hahaha!
We watched the moon rise.
Hayden and Noah.

Noah and me.
Reagan did not want to get her picture taken.
Hayden was born two days before Reagan.
Mama enjoyed snuggling baby Logan.
 We had a fun, relaxing day!

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