Monday, April 10, 2017

Oma and Opa's - Day 1

In order to keep up with the abundance of pictures Mama will be taking while we are visiting Oma and Opa, we will post a daily blog. Here are the pictures from yesterday. The trip went great and we pulled in at Oma and Opa's at the exact time when Oma came home!
Ready for our trip.
We took out Paw Patrol blanket to snuggle in the car.
Stopping to get gas.
Stopping to switch the movie.

We made it! Opa and Hayden.
We enjoyed some yummy cookies outside.
Showing off my reading skills to Oma.
That shirt is up for debate. Hahahaha!
Hayden loved Logan.
Of course I had to make Spaetzle noodles with Oma right away.
Sam and Tabitha came over for dinner.
Oma kept the best toys from when Mama and Aunt Michelle
were little.
Princess Poppy and Branch.
Check out the cool troll house!
Hayden celebrated "Trollstice" Hahahaha!
Oma also had this cool maze. It was pretty hard to get the
ball through the maze
Stay tuned for lots more Spring Break pictures. I'm sure we will find a bunch of "vintage" toys to play with.

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