Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

Happy Easter to all of our family and friends near and far! We had a very nice and relaxing day. We work up to Easter Bunny prints on our table and an Easter basket for each of us. We even had another egg hunt outside! Mama made delicious homemade cinnamon rolls and we relaxed at home for a little bit. We also used the mini M&Ms from Aunt Donna to decorate our Easter egg cake. In the afternoon we went to BeBe and Pappy's and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was so nice that we even got to test out our new pool!!!
Checking out what's in the baskets.
Club Minis are my current favorite cracker.

We had so much fun looking for eggs.

Yes, I am wearing Halloween pajamas on Easter. Hahaha!

This is Hayden saying "Cheese!" Ha! Ha!

Checking out what's inside of our eggs.

A chocolate coin!

Sorting our candy.

We also got to open mail from Germany!
Mmm! Chocolate eggs.
Danke Tante Michelle, Onkel Guenni, Kai und Nora!!
Yummy cinnamon rolls!

We painted our crafts from Aunt Donna.

Time to decorate the cake.

I liked making patterns.
Our finished cake.

More Easter fun at Bebe and Pappy's.

Mommy insists on getting a family picture every year.
Testing out the hammock.
Mommy really enjoyed the hammock!
I dyed some Easter eggs with BeBe.
Goofy boy!

Getting the pool ready.

It even has a little slide!

We had to put our Penguins jerseys on and take a picture with Daddy.

What a day! Hayden fell asleep at 6:30.
He then decided to wake back up around 7:45 and didn't go back
to sleep until after 10:00!! Mommy was not happy!
Here are a few videos from yesterday...

Phew! That's a lot of blogs we've been writing lately! Hopefully we can continue to keep up!

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