Sunday, March 12, 2017

Snow in March?!

We woke up to snow this morning! It was only a dusting, but that's all we needed to get excited about going out into the snow. Here are pictures from this morning.....
"Old" Pluto was allowed to go outside with Hayden.
Hayden wanted to ride on his car outside but that didn't work out
too well.
Mama took these pictures from Hayden's window.
There wasn't a lot but it was fun while it lasted....which wasn't very long! Hahaha! See the picture below!! Crazy, right?!?
These two pictures were taken just a few hours apart!

 Here are also our most recent pictures.....
Making chocolate chip cookies.
This is the BEST part of making cookies!
Mommy's school is hosting a 5K for cancer awareness.
Hayden modeled the shirt.
I still love my Chewie hat.
A Pluto for each arm.
Mama ate lunch with me on Friday.
We decided to eat outside because it was so nice out.
Yesterday Nina came over and we got to eat dinner in the
living room and watched "Trolls".
We also got crafty.
Our finished artwork.
Hayden's, mine, and Nina's.
Watching "Trolls" again!
 Here are also some recent videos:
A few weeks ago Hayden decided to put little balls of tissue up his nose and then shoot them out. Mama made him reenact this just so she would have it on video.....

 The next two vidoes are of Hayden singing in German.

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