Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lost Tooth and Strep

The blog was down for a while so we are finally getting around to posting the most recent pictures...
Last Saturday Nina and her parents came over and we enjoyed a fire outside...

I lost my first tooth on the top! The Tooth Fairy came and left me two gold coins!
Check out my new smile!

Mommy bought the animated version of Beauty and the Beast on DVD.
Hayden and I both loved it!
Daddy bought Hayden and me super cool Star Wars PJs. They have our names on them!!!

Aunt Michelle sent "tongue tattoos" from Germany.
Hayden still needs to practice keeping his tongue still. Hee Hee!

Unfortunately I was out sick all week. On Thursday Mama took me to the doctor's and I was diagnosed with strep. That means 10 days of medicine for me. Yuck!!
This is my "brave" face.
I went to the doctor's in my PJs and got to wear my Chewie slippers.

Hayden got Daddy's old wrestling jacket.

I missed the Art Show at school because I was sick but Mama got a picture of my self portrait....

It's German week at Aldi. Mama bought SpƤtzle noodles. They aren't as good as Oma's homemade ones but we really liked them...
Silly boy!
Hopefully we are up and running with the blog again.
Sending hugs and kisses to all!!!

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