Sunday, March 5, 2017

Girl's Day

Yesterday Mama and I had a "Girl's Day" with Aubrey and Lindsey. We initially wanted to go see a movie but there wasn't much of a movie selection. We decided to get pedicures instead! We also did some shopping (Mama and I got matching shirts) and we went to dinner at Carabba's.
Fun at Claire's. Mommy bought be a journal and now I write my
favorite memory in it every day, just like she does.
Picking out our nail polish.
Testing out the water.
I enjoyed getting pampered.
The girls.
Selfie time with Mommy.
Matching pink sparkly toenails!
Mommy and me.
We enjoyed a peaceful dinner without our brothers. Hee Hee!
We wore our matching shirts today...I guess we should say "close" to matching....

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