Saturday, February 25, 2017

Spring is in the Air!

We have had 70+ degree weather the past few days so we are taking full advantage and enjoying the outdoors...
I love being outside!
Hanging out with Siddy Roo Roo.

I love my big dump truck from Christmas.

Mama made us Mickey pizza!

Today we ate lunch outside.

Mommy relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine.
Mama took a panoramic photo of our trees. Look how tall they are!
Do you see me playing?
We went to the White Water Center to walk around.
Panoramic view.
We even got to play in the water table.
Sending you kisses!
Sometimes I just like to wear my dog hat from Oma.

Hugs and kisses to all!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cookie Booth and More....

Last weekend I sold Girl Scout Cookies at my first photo booth....
Here I am ready to sell cookies.

Mommy made this Samoa cookie for us to hold.

Here are more pictures from the past week...
I got to pet baby chicks at school because one of the first grade
classes hatched chicks.
Daddy's birthday....
Here is the cake Mommy made for Daddy's birthday.

We went to the Flying Saucer

Mama couldn't resist buying a me a second Pluto when I saw him.
Now I have two Plutos!

 Here are some random videos that we never added to the blog because we got behind....

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Update time!

Oh wow! Oops! Oops! Oops! It's been almost a MONTH since our last blog. Get ready for lots of random pictures...
We went to the dentist and were both cavity free!
Enjoying a nice January day at the neighborhood playground.
Homemade pizza. I added all of the toppings myself.
Snuggling in the blanket that Oma Waltraud made.
"A cardinal is a visitor from heaven". We hope that's true!
Riding bikes.
I'm actually getting pretty good and riding without training wheels.
Family Fun Night! We completed this 400 piece puzzle all in
one night.
Hayden and I both made hats. Hayden spelled his name at BeBe
and Pappy's and I made a groundhog hat at school.

Saturday morning snuggles watching my favorite movie on the iPad.
The Secret Life of Pets

Hayden's "before" picture with his crazy hair.
Time for a hair cut!
Look at that handsome fellow!
Before and after.
Practicing my "old lady" look for the 100th day of school.
Hayden checking out Pappy's fishing spot.
Hayden loves Sidney.
Hayden picked out his own outfit. HeeHee!
Happy 100th day of school!
"100" year old lady and 89 year old lady.
Hayden loves the moon. He had to check out the 'snow moon'.
I loved playing ping pong at Nina's house.
Sidney makes a great pillow.
Phew! I think we are all caught up now. We promise to try and do better and not wait that long again!