Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy Birthday/Happy New Year

I'm officially 3! My birthday started off with me getting a big present......the Paw Patroller for all of my Paw Patrol cars that I got for Christmas. Mommy, Ayla, and I had a relaxing day (Daddy went to the Mehall's early) and after I napped we went up to the Mehall's for our New Year's Eve tradition. We always hang out with them (minus the year I was born and the year Maddox was born.) Mommy made another Paw Patrol cake and we had another birthday celebration. Here are pictures from our day.....
Happy birthday to me!
Oma and Opa sent me this Pluto wall decal for my room.
I LOVE it!!!
Paw Patrol cake #2
Even the frosting was made from scratch this time. Yum!
2:56 p.m. I'm officially 3!
A selfie with Mommy at 2:56.
Ready to celebrate with my best bud, Maddox.
Mommy and Daddy had fun taking pictures.

Maddox and I exchanged birthday presents. His birthday is on
the 29th.

We took the photo frame with us to get more pictures.
Ready for cake again!
Maddox and I both LOVED the frosting.
A picture with the Daddy-os.
Our family New Year's picture.
I stayed up until midnight to ring in the New Year.
 Here is a video of everyone singing Happy Birthday to Maddox and me:


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