Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gatlinburg Day 2

Happy birthday to Mommy! The Daddy-oes watched all of the kids while the Mommies went shopping at the outlets. They took us to a trampoline place that was lots of fun...
(pictures taken by the Daddy-oes)
Hayden is ready to jump.
I liked this Ninja Warrior course.
Action shot!
Hayden and Maddox had fun.
Oh, Hayden!!!
Mommy even bought some things for us. She found a pair of Star Wars shoes for me!

 Aubrey and I got to join the mommies for "Girl's Day" in the afternoon and we went to downtown Gatlinburg.
Selfie attempt.
The girls.

We enjoyed some ice cream.
The town still had all of their Christmas decorations out.
Daddy bought cupcakes for Mommy's birthday.
These cupcakes were only for the grown-ups.
Happy birthday, Mommy!

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