Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Snow!

Today we had the first snow of the season! I was super excited and was up before 6! Mama made me go back to bed for a little bit. We had so much fun playing in the snow. Here are pictures from our day.....
The view from my bedroom.
Hayden and Pluto wore their matching hats.
I made a snow angel.
Our annual picture with Daddy.
Our annual snow picture with Mommy.
It was snowing so Hayden couldn't keep his eyes open.


Mama and Hayden selfie.
I love my Chewie hat!
Hayden loved running through the yard.
Silly boy was playing peek-a-boo!
Mmmm! Hot chocolate.
Snuggling with Sidney and watching "The Secret Life of Pets".
Mommy likes to play around with her Color Pop app.
We also went for a walk. We decided to walk to the playground and test out the slide!

It was too bright to get a good picture.

We also made snow cream....snow, sugar, milk, and vanilla extract! I love it but Hayden doesn't really care for it.
This was my second bowl of snow cream after dinner.
Hayden kept saying "blah!"
He did have some.
 Mama took one video of us going down the slide:


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