Friday, December 23, 2016

Sweater Party

Last weekend we had our annual sweater Party. Daddy once again managed to look super creepy with his mustache. Fun was had my all and here are some pictures that Mama took.....
A family picture in our sweaters.
Andy took this picture of Sidney.
A picture with Pappy and BeBe.
Yes, I am wearing shorts. My pants got wet and I decided to change
myself. Haha!
We love when Corinne comes over.
Nina and me.
Here are also the most recent pictures....
Ayla and I made this hand/footprint Nativity scene for Oma and Opa.
Shopping and BI-LO. Everyone drives with their feet up, right?
Mama got to go to Ayla's school Christmas party for a little bit.
That's a lot of sprinkles!
Ayla's school had a Box Tops competition. The student who brought
in the most Box Tops from the beginning of the year until December 19th,
won an iPad Mini. Ayla won!!!! Thanks to lots of family and friends
for helping Ayla collect them!
I was so tired on Thursday that I slept from 4:30 until the next day!
Ayla decorated sugar cookies with Mommy.
We found our elf, Snowflake, like this.
Check out how fun this is! Skittles and hot water.....who knew?
Apparently it works with M&Ms too if anyone wants to try.
This is how I was watching Paw Patrol. I'm such a goof!
Helping Mommy bake by unwrapping all of the Hershey's kisses.
Mommy made these meringue Christmas trees. Yummy!
We decided to play "Baby Jesus". That's baby Jesus in the
middle and we were bringing him lots of gifts.
 We love staying home with Mommy and Daddy for Christmas break!

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