Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Lights and the Gardens

Tonight we went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens to see their Christmas lights display. The lights were really pretty and it was fun to walk around and see them. Nina and her Mommy and Daddy came out to see the lights too. Of course Mama took a bunch of pictures.....
We got a family picture taken in front of the orchid tree.
Peek-a-boo. We got there early so we had to wait for the lights
to come on.


Ayla loved watching the trains.
These trains were going around the fairy village.
I am such a goof!
I did not want to leave that hat on.
There was a bigger train outside.
Mama really liked this walkway.

Ayla and Daddy-o.
Another attempt at a family photo. The lights were so bright!
Ayla inside of a tree!
 I loved seeing the lights and can't wait for some more Christmas adventures over the next few weeks. Stay tuned....

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