Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trick or Treat 2016

Yesterday we enjoyed trick or treating in our neighborhood. Daddy, Ayla, and I got to stay home all day because it was a teacher workday. Mama had parent/teacher conferences but Daddy's day was optional so he stayed home. He took us out to breakfast and we enjoyed our day with him.
Ayla and Daddy finished up carving the pumpkins before
Trick or Treating.
Ayla carved most of hers on her own.
Ready to go Trick or Treating.
A penguin and a witch.
I really need to work on my smile. Haha!
Mama and Ayla just happened to have matching witch dresses.
Mama bought hers years ago and Daddy bought this one for Ayla
on clearance. They decided to dress alike but Mama couldn't find
her witch hat.
Daddy wore his Penguins jersey because I was a penguin.
Mama takes a picture of Ayla and Daddy like this every year.

Pluto came Trick or Treating too.

Ayla and I walked up to each house together.
We always go to BeBe and Pappy's house after Trick or Treating.
It's become a tradition.
Checking out all of my candy.
Yummy! That's just what was in my bag!
Ayla and her candy.
A selfie with Pappy!
Today we sorted and counted our candy.
Our pumpkins.
Mama's pumpkin.
Ayla's pumpkin.
My pumpkin.
Daddy-o's pumpkin.
We combined all of our candy.
Hmmm.....which one do I want?
I love candy!
No caption needed. Hee Hee!
Here are two videos of Ayla carving her pumpkin:
We had a great time last night and we hope our friends and family did too!

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