Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pumpkin Festival

Yesterday we went to visit the Mehalls. The Daddies stayed home with the boys and the girls enjoyed an afternoon at the Pumpkin Festival. Here are some pictures from yesterday......
Mama made us take a nap before we left.
Hayden insisted that I take a nap with him in his room.
BFFs at the Pumpkin Festival
The Daddies sent us this picture while we were gone.
We got to paint pumpkins.

We had to get one pictures of us with lots of pumpkins at the
Pumpkin Festival.
We got our picture taken with the Dogwood Festival Queen
and the cool pumpkins in the background.
We took some pictures in this cool old building.
Mama got me this cool headband. I can switch out the button
to make it look different.
We stopped at the mall and had to get our picture taken with
this huge teddy bear.

We enjoyed eating pizza outside.

Cheese! Look at that dirty boy. He had fun playing outside.
Mama and Hayden enjoying the fire pit.
 We always have a great time with the Mehalls. We can't wait to see you again soon!!

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