Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fall Fun

We are on Thanksgiving break and loving it! Here's an update on our latest Shenanigans....
Mama snagged this Yoda hat after Halloween for $2!
Yum! Ring Pops!
Ayla and I like to play rocket ship and put all of the pillows and
blankets on the floor.
We do get along sometimes. Hee Hee!

Ayla got all dressed up to see the musical Elf with Mama and Daddy.

A picture with Mama.
Ayla is ready for the show to start.
We ate our last Kinder Eggs from Germany.

It was very fitting that I got Yoda in mine.

Here I am being silly in a bucket....
Get me outta here!

Ayla worked hard and designed a yearbook cover for a contest
at her school.

We had sooooooo many leaves in our yard!
We loved playing in them.
Then we helped Mama put them in bags.....12 of them (and we
still aren't even close to being done!)
Mail from Germany!!
Thank you Uncle Guenni, Aunt Michelle, Kai and Nora!!

Showing off our goodies.

Mama LOVES this music box!
We enjoyed the soup that Oma and Opa brough us from Germany.
Look at all of those leaves!


We helped Mama make mini pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

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