Sunday, October 9, 2016

My 6th Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated my 6th birthday with friends. This year's theme was Star Wars. My friends that came over were: Mallory, Logan, Nina, Amelia, and Madelyn. Mama made capes for each kid and we had light sabers too. It was a great party and I had so much fun playing with all of my friends. Here are pictures from the party....
Mama made me Chewbacca cupcakes.
We also had bubble want light sabers. Thanks, Pappy, for spraying
with silver paint to make them look like light sabers.
Our capes, light sabers, and fun masks.
Mama did my hair just like Princess Leia's
Ready for the party.
Wookie Water, Jedi Juice, and Princess LAYS chips.
Bubble wand light sabers.
Two Chewbaccas and their light sabers.
Enjoying some food.
Time for cupcakes.
Mama and me.

Jedi Academy
May the force be with you!
Time for presents.
Amelia Bedelia books!
Chewy jammies!
They are so comfy!
Playing upstairs.
Logan and Hayden.


Playing my new game, Headbands.
Mallory got to sleep over.
What a difference six years makes!
Today we had nice weather and were able to play outside.
Mallory and I got to decorate Halloween cookies at BeBe and
Pappy's house.
Cousin picture!

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