Sunday, October 30, 2016

Harbin Halloween 2016

Yesterday we had our annual Halloween party. In keeping with tradition, we had family themed costumes. This year we were "Where's Waldo". Mama showed me some pictures on her phone and now I can't wait to buy a book and search for Waldo.
Ready for the party!

Mama and Hayden selfie.
It was so nice that we decided to take our pictures outside.
Family selfie!

Harbin Halloween 2016!
Here are the Harbin Halloween pictures from the past 6 years...
Here are a few pictures from the party....
We had lots of yummy food!
It was so nice that we spent most of the time outside!
Mama and Lisa.
Mama, Lisa, and Amy.
Hayden tried on Xavier's mask. Haha!
Mama, Lisa, and Dan.
Daddy was silly and tried on Otto's wig.
It's not a Donald Trump wig. Hahaha!
Check out the Otto family photo below.
They were The Incredibles.
Lots of partying resulted in a nap today.
Here are also the latest pictures that haven't made the blog...
Last week I used my baking set from Oma and Opa.
Hayden helped decorate the cupcakes that I made.
It was so much fun!
My cupcake creations.
Hayden's cupcakes.
 We had a fun Halloween party! I'm excited to go Trick or Treating tomorrow!!

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