Friday, September 2, 2016

Look Out Kindergarten! Here I come!

Yesterday was my first day of Kindergarten. I was super excited and it was fun going to school with Mama. I love my teacher, Mrs. Wronksy, and my favorite part about Kindergarten was everything! Of course, Mama documented the day with lots of pictures.
This was on the table when I came downstairs. My School Cone,
a book from Oma and Opa, and my Chewbacca backpack.
Daddy ordered this for me because I love "Chewy".
Eating breakfast with Hayden before school.
A picture with my School Cone and my brother.
Ready for Kindergarten!
Selfie time with Mama.
Daddy and me.

Showing off my backpack.

Mama and I wore matching shoes.
A picture at school.
I brought my bunny but she stayed in Mama's classroom all day.
I took a picture in front of Mama's bulletin board.
My backpack was a perfect match.
A picture with my teacher.
Finding my seat.
Ready to learn.
Lunch time! Mama's lunch time overlaps with mine so I will get to
see her every day.
All of the other teacher's children minus one.
I got to learn on the computer while Mama finished up some school work.
I was so excited to finally open up my School Cone.
Hayden loved watching.
Lots of goodies were in there.

A comparison picture with Mama.
Mama took a video of me opening up my School Cone:


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