Friday, August 12, 2016

Wilmington Beach Trip

We took a quick trip to Wilmington Beach for one last vacation before school starts again. Our friends, the Ottos, joined us and we stayed at the KOA campground again. We ended up staying in the exact same cabin from two years ago. Ayla and I both loved the ocean and were not afraid this time. Ayla's favorite part ended up being the waves and I had no problem running into the water. I even got knocked down a few times and water went over my head but that didn't stop me from going back in. It was only an overnight trip but we had so much fun! Here are lots of pictures......
Completely engrossed in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the way
to the beach.
Ayla was excited to go back to the beach.
We stopped and had lunch before going to the beach. Of course,
I had to have my milk to drink.
Ayla had a grilled cheese sandwich.
Family picture on the beach.
Our view for the afternoon.
Of course Pluto came too.
Marshall is currently missing somewhere in our house.
Selfie time with Mama.
Pluto going for a little dip in the ocean.

Aaahh! This is the life!

The water was warm and Ayla and I both loved it.
A picture with my Daddy-o. That's what I currently like to
call him.

A picture with Mama.

That's Ayla laying in the water.
We had to stay hydrated.
Hanging out with Nina and her Mommy, Michele.

I made a track for my dump truck.

The mommies had matching bathing suits and it wasn't planned!
Hee Hee!

The Daddy-os.
We ended up staying in the exact same cabin that we stayed
in two years ago.

Enjoying the porch swing.

Going for an evening stroll on the campground.
There was a jumping pad there.
I am so silly!
Ayla and Nina.
The Mommies even joined in on the fun.
Captain Ayla on the playground.
Ahoy, Matey!
Relaxing in the cabin.
Nina gave me a foot massage while I enjoyed my marshmallow.
I think I snuck about 4 of them!
A day at the beach sure does make you tired!
Ayla and I liked the bunk beds.
Good morning!
I had fun playing with the rocks.
Best friends.
Nina and me.
A family photo in front of our cabin.
Mama went to buy me milk at a gas station and they were out!
I got this super cool Mickey juice instead.
Ayla got an Anna juice.
Phew! That sure was exhausting!
Here are also a few videos....

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