Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our Last Summer Play Dates

We can't believe that summer is almost over and that school starts so soon! We have been cramming in as many play dates that we can. We had one play date with Zoe and Zac last week. On Sunday we went to Nina's new house to play and yesterday we met up with Amelia, Madelyn, Zoe and Zac. Here are some pictures....
Enjoying some ice cream sundaes with Zoe and Zac.
Getting ready to go to Nina's house.
We enjoyed playing on the playground in their new neighborhood.
This was my favorite.

Ready to go down the slide with Mama.

There was a pond with turtles in it.

We liked the ducks too.

We watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

We enjoyed popcorn with M&Ms

Hayden and Maddy love their Plutos.

Snack time.
Zoe and I enjoyed the kitchen. She wants to be a chef some day
and I want to be a baker.

Hayden and Maddy being silly.
Daddy stopped at the costume store while we had our play date. They had some costumes on clearance for $3 so Daddy bought some for us.
Mama actually has the same dress in her size!
The other day I went to the pool with Mama. Hayden stayed home with Daddy and Mama and I spent 3 hours at the pool. I didn't wear my floaties at all and practiced my swimming a lot.
I even got to have a popsicle.
Mama took some videos of me swimming. I apologize if the sound is a bit muffled. Mama got a new phone case and the videos aren't the best.

Mama took a video of Hayden singing (again, we apologize if the sound is very muffled). Do you recognize the songs?

It's back to the "real world" on Thursday. We have had an amazing summer!

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