Saturday, August 6, 2016

4th Spartan Race

Today I ran my 4th Kid Spartan Race and even conquered my fear of the mud! It actually ended up being my favorite part of the race. Mama took lots of pictures....
In the car....ready to go!

Spartan Kids!

Daddy and me.

There was a rope to practice on.

Not too bad for my first attempt.

Some of the adult course and the mountains in the background.

My Spartan face. HeeHee!

Waiting for my race to start and eating some

We saw Daddy at one of his obstacles.

Ready for my race.

Going over the wall. Mama didn't even have
to help me!

Another one!

The kid version of the barbed wire.

This was my favorite wall.

Do you see me at the end of that tunnel?

Braving the mud.

Time for the balance beam.

Sliding down into the creek water.

Time to throw the "javelin".

Facing my fear.....

....and loving it!

Almost done.


A picture with Mama.

Signing my name on the wall.

Mama got me a special snow cone treat.

It was a beautiful and fun day!

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