Friday, July 8, 2016

Star Wars and Summer Shenanigans

Here are our latest summer shenanigans.
 Hayden had his first dentist appoint on Wednesday. He was perfect and let the dentist check all of his teeth. No cavities for Hayden! Yay!!
This is the best picture Mama could get at the dentist.
Cheese! No cavities for Hayden.
So BeBe and Pappy have had Nana's Chocolate Gobs recipe hanging on their fridge for years. Mama finally decided to take a picture of it and make them.
Testing out the cookie part.
That's a lot of chocolate gobs!
Here they are finished with the filling.
We took some over to Nana the next day.

She remembered her recipe and was so excited that we made them.
Hayden liked the filling part.
That's Nana's original recipe in her handwriting.
There are rare moments of us getting along. Mama had to capture it!

Hayden and I decided to use our water squirters and play Star Wars. I was Master Luke and Hayden was Darth Vader. Oh the shenanigans we get into!
Oh my!

Here are some videos of us actually playing outside....

Hayden snoozing with his Pluto.
Daddy and I had a "Buddy Date" today.
We went to lunch and saw the movie 'The Secret Life of Pets'.

We also went to the pool today.

We are getting really good at swimming.

Summer time is so much fun!

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