Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Round Hill Park

Today we met Leah, Delaney, Lucy, Cohen and their cousin Jordan at Round Hill Park. Mama used to teach with Leah and then they moved back to Pennsylvania. It was so nice to see them and finally meet Lucy and Cohen. We enjoyed the splash pad, ate a yummy lunch, and then enjoyed seeing the animals on the farm and feeding the ducks. We are so happy that they were able to meet us today.
Testing out the water.
I was really brave.
Oink! Oink!
The Mamas and their kiddos.....minus Delaney who did not
want to be in the picture.
Lunch time!
Delaney and me.

Checking out the chickens.
One of the farm workers was telling us about June, the cow.
She ate too many cherries and has to stay inside and eat hay
for two weeks!
That is one big pig!
The horse came out to see us.
Taking a selfie with the goat.
Group picture with all of the kids.
The Mamas joined us for a picture.
Feeding the ducks.

 What a fun time! Stay tuned our adventures at Oma and Opa's aren't over yet!

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