Thursday, July 21, 2016

Oops! It's been a while!

Oops! We haven't posted in a while. Be prepared for a picture overload!
I got my very own library card!
I was super excited!
Checking out books.
Hayden still loves to play with this toy!
We found Chewy at Target. HeeHee!
Mama bought me a cake pop.
Potty training isn't going so well. Maybe a future as an
underwear model??? Haha!
We still go swimming a lot!
Daddy and me.
Drinking some Yoohoo!
I got to make my own drink at one of those machines where you
can pick whatever you want.

I'm busy getting ready for Kindergarten and have been working
on my summer project.
Mama wrote the top one and I wrote the rest.
Hayden is now the proud owner of my Cars slippers.
A boy and his Pluto.
Selfie in the pool!
Mm! Mm! Ice cream.
We love Mint Chocolate Chip. Thanks Mallory for introducing
it to Hayden and me.
Silly boy!
Silly pictures with Mama!

Mama and me.
We made chocolate chocolate chip zucchini muffins.
Oh! That face!
When you have an older sister, sometimes you have to do silly things.
Mm! Burrito!
Story time and Barnes and Noble.
Cake pops and splash pad fun.

Snuggles with Mama.

Deep in thought while sleeping?
As you can see, we've been busy busy! We are headed to Pennsylvania tomorrow to visit Oma and Opa for a week and then heading to Maryland to celebrate Mallory's 6th birthday! Stay tuned for more pictures.

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