Thursday, July 28, 2016

Idlewild Park and Soak Zone

Yesterday we went to Idlewild Park with Toni, Dani, Tara, Reagan and Oma. Toni was able to get us an awesome deal on tickets and we went for the ENTIRE day. We literally got there when the park opened and left when it closed. Our cars were the last cars in the parking lot. We started the day off by going to Storybook Forest and meeting a lot of the fun nursery rhyme characters. Next we had a picnic lunch and then headed off to the soak zone. Dani and I enjoyed playing on the slides and then we joined Hayden and Reagan in the kiddy pool. I even swam under water by myself! We also had fun in the lazy river and in the wave pool. After the soak zone we rode lots and lots of rides and we even got to see and meet Daniel Tiger. It was such a fun day and we didn't want it to end. Maybe this can be our yearly with Tara and Toni! Here are tons of pictures from the day......
The whole crew (minus Oma who took the picture) ready for
a day of fun!
Dani and me getting ready to walk into Story Book Forest.
Inside the little school house.
Raggendy Ann and Andy.
Choo! Choo!
Inside The Three Little Bear's cottage.
Can you spot us in the cheese holes?
There's Pinocchio!
We met "the old woman who lived in a shoe".
Inside the shoe.
The Three Little Pigs.
Making wishes at the wishing well.
Little Red Riding Hood.
The seven dwarves.

We shrunk and could fit through the keyhole!

Meeting Princess Lilly.
The Sword in the stone...I couldn't pull it out.
This silly dragon fountain squirted water at us.
Time for a picnic lunch.
Hayden had his own tiny milk container.
Hayden waiting for me to come down the water slide.
So much fun!
Hayden and Reagan playing.
Hayden on a ride with Mama. She  had to peddle the little train car
with her hands.
Dani and I in the teacups.
Flying the plane.
Beep! Beep!
Mommy selfie.
The turtle ride.
We even rode the bumper cars.
Hayden stayed in the same spot the entire time because he did
not understand how to push the pedal.
Waiting for the trolley.
On the trolley ready to go through Daniel Tiger's neighborhood.
Prince Wednesday.
Daniel Tiger's dad.
Phew! Hayden had to take a nap in the stroller for a bit.
Unfortunately he missed the Daniel Tiger Show.
I got to meet Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kitty Cat.
Dani and me on the train ride.
Potato Patch French fries...yummy!
Mama and me.
Mama wanted a picture of Hayden and Reagan in the double
Reagan was not in the mood for a picture.
Oma went on the Ferris Wheel with us.
It was my favorite ride.
Do you see us way up there?
Oma and me on the balloon ride.
Mama and Hayden.

We ended the night with ice cream. I tried Dippin' Dots
for the first time.

Mama also took some videos:

It was such a fun day!! Thanks again Toni and Tara for inviting us and going with us.

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