Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cousin Vacation - Conclusion

Day 7 - This was our last full day on vacation. Logan and I enjoyed some breakfast outside and then Daddy, Mama, Ayla and I headed to the beach one last time. Instead of going to the same beach, we went to Rehoboth Beach, right on the boardwalk. Later that day we had a picnic at a park and enjoyed playing on the playground. We concluded our last day with some silly cousin pictures and just hanging out.
Logan and me.
We stopped to grab a bite to eat at a place called Otto's.
Our last beach view.
Ayla and I sat right by the ocean and made sandcastles.
I was saying "big sandcastle".
Ayla and Mama.
Time to reapply that sunscreen!
I think I got my lips covered!
Gotta get that belly too!
Mmm! Enjoying the rest of my muffin from breakfast. That
sand sure adds an extra crunch! HeeHee!
RoRo (Pluto) and Mar Mar (Marshall) really do tag along everywhere!
Picnic time. Mallory and Ayla were really set on this.
Cruising in the police car.

Ayla made it to the top of the rock wall.

Pluto wanted to swing too.

Ayla and Daddy climbed across this thing!
I had so much fun playing with Logan.
 Here is a video of us playing on the Merry Go Round:

Enjoying the porch one last time.

All the kids except for me took a nap upstairs.
Ayla and Mallory took some silly pictures.
All of the cousins took some silly pictures.
Oh my! Look at my "mean face"!
Day 8 - We headed back home today. It took us 10 hours (with stops). Ayla and I enjoyed driving over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge again and this time Daddy decided that we should stop and eat at the restaurant that's on it. Overall, we were pretty good in the car. It was a wonderful trip but it's nice to be home again too! We sure do miss Mallory, Logan, Aunt Mica, and Uncle Dave. We will see you soon!
Ready for the long trip.
Lunch break.
A picture with the fishing pier in the background.
We decided not to go on it. I insisted on walking and Mama and
Daddy did not trust me in the open.
The sun was a bit too bright for Ayla.
 Stay tuned for our next summer adventures.

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