Monday, June 13, 2016

Off to a Fun and Busy Summer

Summer break has officially started. We've already enjoyed going to the pool, hanging out and the White Water Center, and hanging out with friends. Stay tuned for lots of pictures and videos.
We cleaned out the water table a few weeks ago with soap.
We loved playing in the bubbles.
This is Hayden's "I don't want to go to bed yet" face. Hahaha!!
Enjoying some bagels for breakfast at a bagel shop that Daddy likes.
Mmm! Mmm! Chocolate milk.
Cheese! We do love each other sometimes! (wink! wink!)

Fun at Nina's neighborhood pool.

Hayden and I both love swimming with our floaties.
Beep! Beep!
Being silly.
Hayden loved Nina's little couch.
Mama did some rearranging and put the little table back in my room.
We enjoy coloring and drawing at the table.
Ummm....that face!! Hahaha!
Selfies after bath time.
Long story short: Hayden snuck into my room and put on a pair of
my underwear. Mama won't give him his Mickey Mouse underwear
until he gets serious about potty training. He decided to take matters into
his own hand. What a goof!!
Fun at the White Water Center.
Hayden loved watching "the boats".
RoRo (Pluto) and MarMar (Marshall) had fun rock climbing too.
Apparently shoes are optional!
Mama and me.
Do you see Hayden way up there?
Bed head!

I love my grits and Mama makes them for me more often now
that we are on summer break. Yummy!
Snuggles and silly selfie.
Hayden staying entertained at our friend's house.
We tried to upload the latest videos and for some reason the wouldn't upload. Stay tuned for videos soon.

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