Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day with the best Daddy in the whole wide world. His day may not have got exactly like he planned because Hayden did not nap and there was no way we were taking cranky pants to a restaurant, but we had a very nice day. We love you, Daddy!
A picture before heading out to The Flying Saucer for our
Father's Day Brunch.
BeBe and Pappy met us there.
Hayden loves to eat sausage.
Next stop......Lowe's.
We bought a new fire pit.
Here is the picture that I made for Daddy for Father's Day.
It's everyone in our family.
Father's Day photo shoot....
Here is our new fire pit.
Hayden did not nap today and he FINALLY fell asleep with his
current favorite book from the library: Monster Trucks!
We invited BeBe and Pappy over for S'mores.
They sure are messy!
It was another perfect night for catching lightning bugs.
Here are also pictures from our latest shenanigans...
Let's be honest....our house is not always rainbows and butterflies.
Don't let the pictures on this blog fool you. Hayden loves to have
tantrums and LOVES the word NO!
More fun at the pool.

Pluto got to swim too.

Mama and me.
You know, just eating a tiny piece of pizza. Haha!
How am I even supposed to eat this?
I got my picture taken with a Storm Trooper from Star Wars.
I was even super brave and got one taken with Darth Vader too!
Hayden did not want to go anywhere near them.
Yup! He's a goof!
Fun with sidewalk chalk.
Story time at the library again.
We made homemade pizza. My pizza was Minnie Mouse.
Ice cream time!
We love to play in our backyard.
We caught our first lightning bugs.


And, of course, the latest videos....

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