Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cousin Vacation - Part 3

Day 5 - This day started off with breakfast made by Uncle Dave again and then we headed to the same beach. I got brave and went into the ocean with Daddy and enjoyed jumping over the waves with him. Mallory and I had fun building sandcastles again and Mama went for two walks with Hayden. We enjoyed dinner at The Crooked Hammock. They had a playground outside and we enjoyed playing after dinner. After dinner we went to Cape Henlopen State Park and took some pictures.
Mm! Mm! Breakfast!
Sandcastle time!
A picture with Daddy.
Mama and Hayden.
Hayden loved going for walks on the beach.
He got braver and started going further and further into the water.
He also searched for seashells and threw them all back into the
ocean. Haha!
Enjoying some shade in the tent.
All four cousins working together to make sandcastles.

Mallory and I got brave and went to get water by ourselves.

In the ocean with Daddy.

The boys.

Hayden fell asleep during their second walk. That was Mama's plan!
Mallory and I in the ocean with our daddies.

Beach bum!
Daddy and me.
Just hanging out.
Daddy and Hayden in the tent.
Dinner time.
That was a fast slide!
Having fun on the playground.
Mallory actually took this picture of me.
Didn't she do a good job?
Family picture time - the sun was bright!
Walking to the beach.
Putting our feet in the ocean.
Another family picture.
Day 6 - Today we went shopping at the outlets. Hayden fell asleep in the car so we drove around for a while so that he could nap. I fell asleep too. Mama and Daddy enjoyed sightseeing and drove to Bethany Beach. When we came back we went to eat a late lunch and afterwards Mama and Daddy decided to take Hayden and me to play mini golf. We ended the day by going back to the boardwalk to play some more arcade games and enjoy some ice cream. It was another very fun day.
Hayden snoozing.
Mm! Pasta!
Hayden decided that he really liked Mama's shrimp and ate 2 1/2!

Mama and me.
Daddy trying to teach me how to play mini golf.
Hayden had his own ball and plastic golf club.

Daddy and me.
Ummm...Hayden, that's not how you are supposed to play.
This was Hayden's favorite hole. He kept dropping the ball into
the hole and watching it roll down. Luckily there were no people
behind us.
On the boardwalk.
Mama saw people taking a picture like this and could not
pass up the opportunity.
Time for ice cream.

Walking on the boardwalk.
The boys and Aunt Mica.
 It's hard to believe that our vacation is almost over. Time flies when you are having fun!
Here are a few videos from yesterday and today:


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