Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cousin Vacation- Part 2

Day 3 - Uncle Dave made us a delicious breakfast and then we headed up to the boardwalk to walk around. Ayla and I experienced our first arcade. I was not too good at Skeeball (Ayla's favorite) but I was lucky in a game where I simply had to push a button to drop a ball. I got 100 points total! We enjoyed lunch at the Dogfish Head restaurant and when we got back to the house we went swimming in the community pool. We ended the day with a walk to CVS to get ice cream. Mallory's favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip so that's what we got. Ayla and I both liked it too! Here are pictures from day 3...
Logan and I were all snuggled up the night before.
Enjoying Uncle Dave's cooking.
Mama can find a photo opportunity just about anywhere.
This was in front of a candy store.
Enjoying some sunshine.
Rehoboth Beach

Mama and Daddy!
Ayla playing Skeeball.

Of course I had to try too!

Those are just some of the tickets that I won.
Family picture at lunch time.
19 more years of milk in a Dogfish Head cup for me!
Ayla and Mallory loved the pool.
I did not want my picture taken.
Mama and Ayla.
Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.
Good night and sweet dreams!
Day 4 - Today Daddy, Mama, Ayla and I ventured out to Lewes so that Daddy and Mama could show up where they honeymooned. We went to the little beach that's in town and then enjoyed breakfast at a nearby Bagel Shop. Our next stop was the Dogfish Head Brewery. We came home and Mama made Ayla and I both take a nap (that hasn't really been a number one priority for us on vacation. Who needs naptime anyway, right). After our naps we headed back up to the boardwalk where we enjoyed pasta and pizza for dinner and then got caramel popcorn at Dolle's Candy Shop and stopped by The Candy Kitchen to get a treat. We ended up getting lollipops which was probably not one of Mama's brightest ideas because of all of the sugar but we sure did enjoy them!!
The sun was not out most of the day.
This is my "cheese" face.
Do you see me running on the beach?
A picture with Daddy.
I did not want to get my picture taken with Mama.
Dogfish Head brewery selections. Mama and Daddy got to
sample four for free.

We enjoyed sitting outside.

Ayla took this picture. HeeHee!

We saw this during our walk on the boardwalk so Mama
had Ayla take her picture with it.


Check out my lollipop!
Ayla and Mallory had matching ones.
That sticky, messy face! Haha!
Do I eat it like corn on the cob?
Just relaxing with my feet up eating my lollipop.

Sticky lollipops = bath time!
Hanging out the Logan and "reading" books.
 I think we are planning on heading back to the beach tomorrow so stay tuned for more pictures.

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