Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cousin Vacation - Part 1

We are spending the week in Rehoboth Delaware, thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Pilz and Uncle Dave and Aunt Mica for inviting us. Stay tuned for LOTS of pictures.

Day 1 - It was a long day of traveling. It took us a little over 9 hours to get here.
Ready to go!
Big Skye came too. The tooth fairy brought her after my dentist
appointment on Thursday. I was very brave!
Hayden decided to take several naps during the long car ride.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge was very cool!

Happy to be here and ready to a fun week with cousins!
Hayden and Logan with their matching Plutos
The boys enjoying the back patio.
I love spending time with Mallory.
All of the cousins had a sleepover in the same room.
Day 2 - Today we had yummy donuts from The Fractured Prune and went to Delaware Seashore State Park. It was a great day!
Sprinkles for Hayden.
Chocolate for me.
Ready for the beach.
Building sandcastles.
Hayden kept knocking them down.

Daddy and me.

Hayden and Mama.
Mama buried my legs in the sand and tried to make it look
like a mermaid. It's hard to see because of the sun.
Mallory was a mermaid too.
Mama and me.
Our beach setup.

Mama tried to get a picture of Hayden and Logan but accidently
cut off Logan's face because it was too bright to see.

Hayden wanted to be a Merman.
The boys playing in the sand. Mallory and I are in the background
by the lifeguard chair.
We went for a stroll on the beach to collect seashells.

Logan and Aunt Mica came too but Logan was tired and fell
asleep in Aunt Mica's arms.

I wrote my own name in the sand.
Pedicure time!
Hayden was super silly and was playing under the table.
Logan thought it looked like fun and joined him.
Silly boys!
We played outside with some fun yard games.
Making S'mores.
Hayden sure does love marshmallows.
 Here is one video of Hayden at the beach. Neither of us went in very far. Maybe next time we go to the beach. We are here for a week so maybe we will be brave before we leave.
Stay tuned for lots more vacation pictures.

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